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Cerberus Platinum Gamers PC

What an Experience Gaming with a custom built computer
Have you ever gamed with a custom computer ? Most of us have used our home computer for gaming.  Of course at the time you’re doing it it’s fun. Then you start becoming more competitive and want to know why you’re not winning as much as you should. You’re being taken out by bad guys you never saw coming. You get taken out because you can’t turn and fire as fast as other gamers can. You talk to other gamers and realize they are using custom built PC’s with super fast GeForce graphics boards and powerful Ryzen CPU’s.  Then you realize, This Is How Gaming is Done !! and done well.  Using a custom computer is like the difference between a Mustang and a Corvette. The Stang is fast, fun to drive and even wins from time to time. But the Corvetteis a Monster, built to do ONE THING – WIN !!

Technical Specifications

The popular Ryzen 5 3600 6 core / 12 Thread  A force to recon with in the Gaming arena
We ONLY use High-Quality motherboards that have been tested for reliability
Power Supplies
We use power supplies that have power to spare – 650w & higher

Each unit comes with a minimum of 16gb-There is always an option to purchase more
The GPU is highest performing ingredient – Only name brand cards like Nvidia are used
Product Size
The size dimensions on the Platinum are 18.11in high x8.25″ wide x 16.85″ deep
Shipping weight on the Platinum is approx 25 lbs

Facts & Features

Besides good looks the Cerberus Product lines among the Highest Performer

Superior case size allows for excellent Upgrade capability

RAM-CPU-Grapics Card & storage can all be upgraded – No need to purchase anotherPC 

Built-in high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity ability

Moderate size-combine the size & the wi-fi and you have a system that can be moved

Great lighting-the RGB lighting can be customized to suit your mopd and atmosphere


How long from the time of order will I receive my new Computer ?

Does my new computer come with a warranty ?

Do you sell internationally ?

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